The inventor of the Gutter-BoltŪ is an American 3rd Generation home improvement contractor and architectural consultant specializing in the gutter and roofing trades.  With 38 years in the industry, Wayne has implemented techniques first learned early on from the European apprenticeship program he attended and combined the experiences from at least 15 generations of tradesman before his family's initial immigration to the U.S. so many years ago.  Wayne's never had to advertise a day in his life because his quality of service and craftsmanship have generated enough business to have kept him busy throughout his career.

After manufacturing the Gutter-BoltŪ, Wayne faithfully footed the appropriate expenses to bring his product to highly respected testing facilities to prove the durability and value of his new product.  After many efforts and much hard work, his design has finally been recognized by the proper organization - The International Code Council.  This trustworthy device will now be implemented in a vast amount of commercial and residential structures around the world.